Message from The Chairman

For almost 30 years, AlAhly Sabbour has been leading Egypt’s real estate revolution as a dynamic pioneer, connecting generations through ever-evolving knowledge, rooted in authentic culture. Driven by an unwavering commitment to make aspirations attainable, we harness the power of industry expertise to master the right. formula that smartly balances real value with prime locations, providing close-knit communities that pave the way for a brighter tomorrow. Our brand promise ‘knowing to aspire’ breaks down barriers between generations, empowering them to grow in the know while leading a trendsetting lifestyle in architectural masterpieces, as we constantly build forward on insights they can truly rely on.

We had a vision of creating not just exceptional developments, but fully integrated communities that are masterpieces of architecture, as well as 29 years of aspirations, inspiring generations of tomorrow to live, connect and thrive, beyond measure.

Dynamic expertise, paving the way for the future


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Our Legacy

AlAhly Sabbour’s success story dates back to 1994 when Engineer Hussein Sabbour had a pioneering vision to introduce. one of Egypt’s very first engineering consultancy firms with the objective of re-defining the real estate landscape, smartly and sustainably. The vision wasn’t limited to creating a collection of distinctive developments that pay tribute to innovation. integration at its best - on a par with global cities around the world-, but rather providing self-sufficient communities in prime. locations that set aspirational standards for everything that follows. The vision was soon brought to life as a joint-stock. company. In 1988, a strategic partnership with the National Bank of Egypt (Al Ahly) was established. AlAhly Sabbour developed more than 65 exemplary projects, spanning residential, commercial and touristic developments. In record time, the company has managed to leave a timeless mark on Cairo’s urban landscape from East to West while bringing its legacy of excellence to the Red Sea and North Coast, covering the widest geographical area in Egypt.

Our Brand Formula

Alahly Sabbour believes that the world would be a better place if generations connected through evolving knowledge.

Our Brand Purpose

Alahly Sabbour pioneers the Real Estate industry with an evolving knowledge and craft inspiring next generations.

Our Brand Purpose

Alahly Sabbour pioneers the Real Estate industry with an evolving knowledge and craft inspiring next generations.

Our Achievements

Years of ever-evolving expertise

12M+ SQM

Developed all over Egypt


Aspirational Developments


Happy Families

Distinct expertise remarkable outcomes

AlAhly Sabbour leverages the power of its CEO’s pioneering vision, as well as decades of expertise honing in-depth market knowledge. By cultivating an efficient work environment, powered by a wealth of transformative projects, our hand-picked teams promise ideal investment opportunities that not only live up to your standards, but also ensure added value, steeped in true leadership.

Ahmed Sabbour

Chairman and managing director

Ahmed Shafei

Chairman Adviser

Tamer Erfan

Chief Executive Officer for Investment & Finance

Emad George

Chief Executive Officer-Assets Development

Sherif Sultan

Chief Executive Officer-Asset Management

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