Project Description

AlAhly Sabbour unveils a contemporary masterpiece, Centrally located in the heart of the west; Keeva; a naturally inspired paradise where lush panoramic views harmoniously entwine with refined architecture to create an immersive backdrop for a peaceful address in October City. Finely crafted in collaboration with YBA, Keeva rises with residents’ ambitions high above 1260 meters to introduce an exclusive community, bridging the gap between the untamed beauty of Egypt’s countryside and luxurious modern living. The sanctuary of calm is seamlessly interconnected via safe pedestrian paths and biking lanes to foster an active lifestyle amidst generous nature. By adopting a mixed-use vision that brings homeowners closer to select retail experiences, efficient office spaces, cutting-edge clinics and a distinctive hotel, Keeva promises to enrich daily life while capturing the true essence of a unified community spirit.


Envisaged as a destination for people not cars, Keeva offers a safe, livable community where all needs are effortlessly met, few steps away from home. Here, boundless possibilities come alive in a vibrant commercial strip, blending handpicked retail experiences with inspirational office spaces and next-generation clinics. Moreover, refined hospitality corresponds to Keeva’s commitment for luxury with an exclusive hotel, operated by world-leading Marriott. Ideal for individuals with pets, as well as families with children, Keeva offers a variety of playful spaces weaved into nature and artistic outdoor installations to ignite the imagination. The clubhouse is an open invitation for residents to sun-lounge by the pool or simply connect with like-minded neighbors in an elegantly-appointed ambiance.

Clubhouse includes
sports facilities
swimming pool
A class restaurant

Project Location

Keeva is strategically located on Waslet Dahshur Road, only 2 minutes from Juhayna Square, centrally located in the west. The prime destination is ideally surrounded by retail experiences of every possible sort including Mall of Arabia and Hyper One while offering seamless access to Dar El Fouad Hospital and Egypt’s top-leading educational establishments.

Distance from major institutions:
  • from shopping mall 5 mins
  • from media city 7 mins
  • from smart village 15 mins
  • from downtown 30 mins

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